Monetization Guide

Create a post

Engage with your fans and attract new customers by creating posts. 75% of our users are on mobile version constantly checking newsfeed.

To create a new post:

  • Hit the upload button
  • Choose “Create post”
  • Write a nice caption
  • Add photo or video and publish it

Private messages

  • Chat with fans and earn more money through tips. You can send photos and videos for a price you set! Satisfy your fans' needs by adding PMs to your daily revenue process 😈
  • Get paid by also receiving content from your fans. Under your own terms, let your fans PM you directly. Just set the price to receive photos from users and then they can send a personalized pic!
  • Mass message fans! Whether you have amazingly hot new content coming up, or just want to wish them all a nice day, you will be able to reach all your fans at once! Privately and conveniently!


Greet new fans automatically once they subscribe to your FanClub. Compose an engaging message so they reply back to you in order to send private photos & videos. You can also set automated messages for fans who unsubscribed from you.

To do so:

  • Hit the three dots below your studio’s header
  • Hit FanClub settings
  • Scroll down to the Autoreply settings

Earn tips

All users can now tip you just because you`re awesome, and they can include a quick message with the tip.

Respond once you receive the message. Keep the conversation going by getting the user to subscribe to your FanClub 😉

Share your FanClub

Let all your followers know about your FanClub through your social media. Share your studio on Twitter and make sure to use a multiple link service for other platforms that do not accept NSFW content.

Suggestion box

Do you have a fap-ulous idea? Want to share your thoughts on how we can improve FapHouse for our creators? Drop us a line and share your thoughts with us. We love feedback!

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