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How to start earning with FapHouse

Add your videos to the Members area

Every time your videos get played in our Members Area, you are paid through our view-share program. Our view-share rate is 5 times higher compared to other streaming platforms.

Create your own exclusive
Fan Club

Customers who want to access your Fan Club videos can become real fans by subscribing to your private feed. You get paid 68% for new subscriptions and re-bills.

Sell individual videos

Set a price for your videos and earn on every single sale.

Post regularly to get traffic and engage users

Post different content every day to keep your audience engaged with your awesome photos and videos.

Sell content through private messaging

Chat with your fans in private messages, send paid content, set a price for receiving photos for fans, and other options.

Receive tips from FapHouse users

All of the users on FapHouse are able to send you tips through designated pages: your own studio page, content pages, and your private messages.

What is view-share

View-share allows you to earn money from any Faphouse Member who streams your videos

  • Upload your videos
  • Set them to view-share program
  • Get paid for every view

Paid: $12,204

Start a FanClub

Create your own FanClub where your fans can subscribe to your feed.

  • Create a FanClub
  • Set your own subscription price
  • Add new videos regularly to keep your fans updated, engaged, and subscribed
  • Chat with your fans and sell content

Post in your feed

Post your content daily in your feed to keep your audience thrilled and engaged.

  • Post your content from your phone or computer
  • Users & fans can interact with each post by liking posts, sending messages, and tipping

Chat privately

Chat, exchange photos and videos, and explore new ways to sell your own content.

  • Send private messages
  • Sell photos & videos
  • Earn tips through your private messages
  • Fans pay to send you photos
  • Send mass messages to your fans and followers

Earn tips

Fans can send you tips for videos and photos to show their support

  • Create a FanClub
  • Start receiving tips from your fans

Tips for this month

Get paid easily

Get paid every month via the following payment methods:

  • SEPA (EUR)
  • ACH/Direct payments
  • Cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC2)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Payment methods

  • Paxum
  • SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area)
  • ACH (Automated Clearing House)
  • Wire (SWIFT)

Rating system

Our Rating entirely depends on the users' choice. Videos that get more views and likes are ranked higher in the Popular section.

What are the service fees of FapHouse?

Single Sale: you set a price in Tokens. 1 Token = $0,05. If you set a price of 100 Tokens, you will receive $5.
FanClub Subscription: choose from one of our plans and get 68% from every subscription.
View Share: get paid for views. There is no fixed rate since it's calculated depending on number of unique views, favourites, view length and other factors.

Minimum and maximum price per video/subscription

Minimum price for single sale videos is 25 Tokens, and maximum price is 1000 Tokens
Maximum FanClub price is $34.99/month and $209.99/year. For any exclusive rates please contact our support team.

Interaction with users - messages, notifications

Yes, you can! We recently released our messaging features, and you can now chat directly with fans and sell content via messages.

Maximum number of people in a video

We do not limit how many performers can appear in a video. The only requirement is that you must upload documents for all performers and indicate them in any video they are featured in.

How to add another person to my Studio?

That is pretty easy. All you need to do is to log into your account and go to the co-performers section: https://studio.faphouse.com/account/profile/settings/performers.
There you will need to upload your additional performer's ID, their selfie with ID, and their personal information. Once the documents are approved, all performers need to be indicated for any video they appear in.

Can I sell pictures?

We allow you to sell photos and other content via our newly released messaging interface. You can chat directly with your fans, sell content to them, and post pictures to your feed.

Terms and words that can't be used on FapHouse

The list of forbidden words is pretty much the same as on all mainstream adult sites. All videos are moderated, and if some questionable wording is seen in the video title or description, such video can't be published.

Privileges for pornstars

Pornstars are usually added to video tags and shown in search results. If you are a Pornstar, we recommend that you always add your name to tags. Later on, FapHouse will introduce the Pornstars tab and ranking.

Can I have multiple accounts?

You can only register one account on FapHouse, but you can create several Studios within that account. Each video within a Studio can have its own monetization type. Keep in mind, though, that there can only be one payout method for that account.

How much can creators earn?

Creator's earnings depend on the content, their popularity in social media, and their presence on our partner sites. Quantity matters, but the quality of content is essential. Try to stick to your selected niche and expand your audience.

Do you have any referral links?

At the moment, we do not have an affiliate program. If you’re selling traffic please contact us.

Do I need to advertise my Studio elsewhere, or is there an internal promotion?

Any kind of additional promotion increases your visibility to the audience, brings more traffic to your FapHouse Studio, and results in more views and sales. You can always promote your Studio via your social media profiles and other sites.

I have some concerns about the usability of FapHouse.

Model experience is extremely important to us, and we appreciate your feedback. Please contact our support team https://faphouse.com/support/contact if you have any questions or feel that something is wrong, and we will sort it out for you!

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